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In 2021, Kodiak launched ecoView, a proprietary data collection and transmission system that monitors methane emissions and other data on compression units in real-time.

Transformative technology to lower emissions

The ecoView system ensures that equipment is operating at maximum efficiency, without unnecessary emissions or unplanned downtime. ecoView’s highly adaptable and flexible hardware monitors all the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions from natural gas engine-driven compressors, providing Kodiak with an unparalleled comprehensive view of all operational data.

ecoview technology

The proof is in the numbers

150+ sensors

1 billion data points per compression asset collected onsite

One-second data interval


Real-time emissions monitoring to support environmental compliance

This data is interpreted and transmitted back to cloud-based servers giving you a full emissions profile with unprecedented insight and control over greenhouse gas emissions and ESG reporting. With impending enhanced methane and emission rules from the SEC, EPA, and other regulatory bodies, access to this level of data can make all the difference. ecoView takes questioning out of compliance and helps keep your business future-proof.

Take the guess-work out of emissions compliance

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