Our service offerings include:

Gas compression services for a variety of applications, including field gathering, enhanced oil recovery, gas lift, and processing
Design, construction, and commissioning of compressor stations and other midstream infrastructure
Contract operations and maintenance of customer-owned infrastructure
Project management and third-party services


Kodiak’s differentiated service offering, industry-leading mechanical availability and total customer uptime maximizes production and cash flow for our customers.

Midstream Infrastructure

Our compressor stations consist of one or more compressors to boost the pressure of gas coming from your location to move it to processing facilities. We can keep energy moving from processing facilities to end markets, including gas utility lines, industrial applications and LNG plants.

Production Infrastructure

The proliferation of pad drilling and the economies of scale have led to the growth of multi-well gas lift applications. Multi-well gas lift has become the preferred method of artificial lift for many producers and is an integral part of producers’ drilling and completion plans. This has driven the demand for larger HP solutions offered by Kodiak.

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

Kodiak helps clients recover additional oil reserves through our EOR expertise and fleet of specially engineered natural gas compressors. Our EOR fleet is capable of operating at up to 9,000 psi to support the extraction of more oil from existing wells. EOR services include identifying shales and EOR applications, calculating uplift and predicting asset outcomes, complete engineering, procurement and construction, location design, EOR cycle optimization, and full EOR compressor operation and maintenance.

Compressor station construction

Kodiak offers solutions to design and construct compressor stations. We work with experienced engineers and contractors to design, build, and commission compressor stations in a safe, timely, and cost-effective manner.

Real-time emissions monitoring

In 2021, Kodiak launched ecoView, a proprietary data collection and transmission system that monitors methane emissions and other data on compression systems in real-time. The ecoView system provides Kodiak with unparalleled, comprehensive views of all operational data captured through the 150+ sensors on its equipment, drastically increasing the accuracy of customers’ data related to greenhouse gas levels. This enables us to make predictive maintenance a reality, resulting in lower costs, less downtime, and reduced emissions for our customers.

Access to unparalleled accuracy in emissions monitoring keeps your business future-proof