Our compressors don’t quit and neither do we.

When we published our 2020 sustainability report, it was our initial stake in the ground. As we release new annual reports, we measure the progress on our mission to set the standard as a good corporate citizen in our industry and beyond. It is a pivotal moment for the energy industry as the world moves toward aggressive net zero goals. Energy transition strategies, initiatives and, most importantly, progress on each is what defines a company as a good steward of the environment. At Kodiak, we are proud of our legacy as the leading contract gas compression company in the industry. As we look to the future and what role we will play in doing our part to safeguard the environment, positively impact society and do business ethically and with integrity, we see an opportunity to demonstrate how Kodiak will lead the midstream energy industry through the energy transition to a lower carbon future.

2021 Sustainability Report

2022 Sustainability Report