Being a good corporate citizen has been a part of Kodiak’s mission since the beginning.

At Kodiak, we consider our ESG efforts a competitive advantage and focus on operating in an environmentally responsible manner, while maintaining the highest standard of safety for our employees and the public. Our focus on helping customers meet their emissions requirements and reduction goals goes hand-in-hand with Kodiak’s asset performance, as mechanical availability directly impacts our customers’ revenues and profitability.

Our fleet is the newest, most emission-friendly in the industry, and is well-positioned to meet current and future regulatory environments. In 2021, Kodiak received Hart Energy’s Energy ESG Top Performer Award.

Energy ESG Award


In 2021, Kodiak launched ecoView, a proprietary data collection and transmission system that monitors methane emissions and other data on compression systems in real-time. The ecoView system provides Kodiak with unparalleled, comprehensive views of all operational data captured through the 150+ sensors on its equipment, drastically increasing the accuracy of customers’ data related to greenhouse gas levels.

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