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Kodiak Gas Services Announces New Greenhouse Gas Emission and Real-Time Operations Monitoring System

ecoView will advance operations, reliability and emissions reporting across thecompany’s compression assets

Montgomery, Texas – December 1, 2021 – Kodiak Gas Services, LLC (Kodiak), a leading provider of contract compression services, in partnership with Legend Energy Advisors (Legend), a leading provider of real-time data analytics, today announced the launch of ecoView, a proprietary data collection and high-fidelity transmission system that monitors emissions and streamlines efficiency for the company’s compression assets. Leveraging Legend’s innovative software and hardware, ecoView will provide Kodiak with unparalleled, comprehensive views of all operational data captured through the 150+ sensors on its equipment.

“The development of ecoView offers our technicians, management, and clients an unprecedented ability to monitor operational data in real time and enhance our already industry-leading mechanical availability guarantee,” said Mickey McKee, President and Chief Executive Officer of Kodiak. “With ESG initiatives front and center for the industry, this technology eliminates the guess work for our customers and drastically increases the accuracy of the data related to greenhouse gas levels reported by them.”

Through 2022, Kodiak has committed a significant investment to ecoView as part of Kodiak’s pledge to sustainably provide critical midstream infrastructure and related compression equipment and services for the U.S. energy sector. Kodiak units with ecoView will transmit real-time operations data every five seconds. Approximately one billion data points per compression asset per year is collected on site, interpreted within Legend’s software and associated hardware, and transmitted back to cloud-based servers every five minutes.

“We are excited about the continued partnership with Kodiak and the future impact of ecoView,” shared Dan Crosby, CEO of Legend Energy Advisors. “Together, we can provide Kodiak’s customers with access to instantaneous operational visibility, unmatched anywhere else in the compression industry which will drive both environmental and financial sustainability.”

On the heels of earning recognition in the private midstream category of Hart Energy’s first-ever Energy ESG Top Performers Awards on Nov. 29, 2021, ecoView will enable Kodiak to make truly predictive maintenance a reality through future partnerships with machine learning companies, driving down costs, improving operational efficiencies, and minimizing the equipment’s environmental impact by reducing unplanned downtime incidents.

Craig Collins, Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Kodiak, added “Partnering with Legend to create ecoView allows Kodiak to continue to fulfill the pledges contained in our inaugural Sustainability Report and lead compression providers into a future where ESG goals and financial success are synonymous. We look forward to evolving the capabilities of ecoView as customer and industry needs adapt.”

In 2022, Kodiak will enhance the capabilities of ecoView by adding the ability to track leaks and other sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Also, in 2022 through incremental, enhanced product offerings, Kodiak’s customers can purchase access to ecoView’s data and features.

About Kodiak Gas Services 
Kodiak Gas Services is the third largest contract compression services provider in the continental United States with a revenue generating fleet of over 2,900,000 horsepower. The Company focuses on providing contract compression services to oil & gas producers and midstream customers in high‐volume gas gathering systems, processing facilities, multi‐well gas lift applications and natural gas transmission systems. More information is available at www.kodiakgas.com.

About Legend Energy Advisors
Legend Energy Advisors is an industry leading provider of energy market intelligence, energy infrastructure, and real-time data analytics. Legend’s leading expertise and products, provide support to diverse manufacturers and service providers across most major market sectors from real estate and light manufacturing to mining, oil & gas, and heavy industrial facilities. Legend’s proprietary LegendAnalyticsTM platform enables companies to truly understand the most complex energy efficiency challenges industries are facing on a macro and micro level. The judgment and holistic decision-making power Legend provides eliminates estimations and increases operational productivity while driving demonstrable environmental and financial sustainability in real time. More information is available at www.LegendEA.com.

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