Kodiak | Gas Treating Services

Kodiak’s gas treating services are designed to provide producers, gatherers, and transporters with a superior gas treating experience. Our service is delivered through a combination of highly engineered equipment and experienced personnel to ensure maximum, efficient throughput of your gas.

Service Overview

Our gas treating services are designed to provide an optimal solution for our customers in all aspects of the service offering:
  • Flexibility of contracting models
  • Plants designed to reduce total costs to customers and downtime
  • Rapid mobilization to get customers gas in spec
  • Extensive experience providing related systems and services
  • Multiple Plant sizes available in fleet
100 GPM Amine Plant Layout


  • Two inlet filter separators
  • Two antifoam pumps capable of auto-start with injection points into the contactor tower and still
  • Differential pressure gauges on critical vessels to monitor performance and reduce foaming
  • Overpressure safety protection
  • Oversized and redundant components
  • Telemetry monitoring of 20 data points for higher availability
  • Bypasses on the rich/lean amine ex-changer to eliminate fouling on startup and enable “on skid” cleaning
  • Stainless steel tubes in both the reflux condenser and amine cooler
  • Automatic plant shutdowns on low contactor liquid level and high flash tank pressure
  • Service level guarantees to ensure high uptime for our customers
  • OSHA, DOT, EPA compliant PSM Program

Process Description

  • Amine treating facilities are used widely by gas producers and pipeline operators to remove contaminants from the gas stream.
  •  Treating sour or acid gas can:
    • Improve gas marketability
    • Eliminate penalties paid for delivering gas outside required specification
    • Reduce damage and enhance longevity of downstream equipment
  • Our amine treating solutions can serve as medium and long-term measures to deal with CO2 and H2S and save energy companies money.

Kodiak also offers technical assistance for the installation and maintenance of the Gas Treating services. Contact us today for more information and let Kodiak go to work for you.

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Inlet Parameters

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The Kodiak Advantage

Kodiak exists to partner with oil & gas producers, gatherers, and transporters in getting hydrocarbons to market. Our guiding principal, in everything we do, centers around creating success for our customers. When our customers win, we win. We commit to provide unparalleled levels of responsiveness and service.