Contract Compression
Services Since 2010

Nationwide, Kodiak is…
The 3rd largest contract compression services provider.
The largest privately-held compression services provider.
the 1st contract compression services provider backed by an infrastructure fund.


Kodiak equipment is always running. Our compressors don’t quit and neither do we.

That’s why Kodiak has grown to provide over 1.5 million in revenue-generating horsepower to the nation’s most productive basins. With each installation comes dedicated mechanical and technical support that guarantees unparalleled uptime.

But it’s not the size of Kodiak that gives us strength, it’s our integrity. From the very beginning, Kodiak has dedicated ourselves to the principle that client, company, coworkers and community can all succeed together.

Not only is every job planned and executed with decades of experience, Kodiak is just as devoted to the safety, training, and development of our indispensable and diverse workforce. This positions Kodiak to magnanimously contribute to youth sports, aid military families, and even lend support to a coworker in a time of crisis.

Through dedication, integrity, and allegiance, Kodiak stands alone in our field.


Kodiak Gas Services, LLC (Kodiak) was formed in May of 2010 with the intent of becoming a provider of “true” contract compression services differentiating ourselves from other compression companies at the time. In June of 2011, Kodiak partnered with the Stephens Group, a private equity group out of Little Rock, Arkansas, to fund future growth. With our new financial backer in place, Kodiak set our first two compression units in January of 2012.

Kodiak’s service model, providing 24/7 access to technical and mechanical support, and our industry-leading runtime of >99.5% helped Kodiak garner strong relationships with customers in the upstream and midstream segments of the oil and gas market.

With these relationships in place, over the next five years Kodiak grew from those first two compression units to become the third largest contract compression services provider, and the largest privately-held compression services provider in the world.

In February of 2019, Kodiak proved again why we are “best-in-class” when we attracted the attention of an infrastructure fund managed by EQT Partners, Inc., becoming the first contract compression services provider backed by an infrastructure fund. With our new partner in place, Kodiak is poised to continue its unprecedented growth while maintaining focus on safety, customer service, and our most important resource: our employees.





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