About Us

Kodiak Gas Services supplies contract labor and mechanical expertise for end users of compression, dehydration, processing and treating equipment.

We also have the expertise to manage the resources and assets of oil and gas producers. Kodiak's focus on increased revenue and cash flow maximizes the value of company resources and gives our customers an economic advantage - runtime efficiency.

We furnish contract operation of customer-owned compressors and compressor stations, which is backed by our 98% mechanical availability guarantee. We also offer full range overhaul services for natural gas engines and compressor frames. Plus:

  • We are the only provider of true compression management services.
  • We are unmatched in the industry for documented runtime percentage.
  • Kodiak aligns its interests with its customer through continuous evaluation of field conditions, from the wellhead to the sales point, not just flange to flange.
  • The technician's highest priority is to focus on predictive, preventative maintenance. Our people cannot be successful without adhering to a stringent maintenance program that has been tested and refined over a long period of time.
  • Parts inventory and availability is also essential. Each technician has full access to all necessary parts, located in individual parts boxes on each unit, local storage containers or area-specific warehouses.

Our commitment to our personnel is to educate and empower them with the resources necessary to be the most passionate and loyal workforce in our industry.

  • They receive new, state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Their benefits are the best in the industry.
  • They are given access to an outstanding internal training program.
  • They enjoy a support system of an entire company.
  • They are part of a team that is dedicated to being the best compression management company in the industry.


15320 Hwy 105 W, Ste. 210

Montgomery, TX  77356

Office:  936-539-3300

Fax:  936-539-3301


Midland Office

3110 South County Road 1180

Midland, TX  79706

Office:  936-539-3388

Fax:  432-695-9017