Dear Valued Customer and Vendors,

We recognize the impact and uncertainty that the COVID – 19 pandemic is creating in our industry and communities. Kodiak’s core safety values place the well-being of each of our employees and the public above everything else and our commitment to safety extends to you, our customer.

Since March 11, 2020, Kodiak has taken extreme measures to protect every employee by putting in place stringent guidelines and policies to follow during this pandemic crisis. Our guidelines and policies were developed from sources gathered from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) along with information provided by Federal, State and Local jurisdictions where we operate and include the following preventative measures:

  • Stood up the Kodiak Crisis Management Team comprised of the Executive Management Team and designated support staff
  • March 12, 2020, to reduce the risk of COVID – 19 infection, Kodiak shut down all offices including Field offices and our Corporate office in Montgomery, Texas and implemented a work from home policy utilizing our current fixed server and cloud technology for redundancy.
  • Required self-quarantine for employee that had traveled to an affected area symptomatic or not
  • Restricted general business travel to business critical
  • Required anyone exhibiting symptoms to immediately self-quarantine, seek medical care and review status before returning to work.
  • Prohibited participation in all non-essential conferences and meetings
  • Restricted face-to-face business meetings to 3 people except as deemed necessary by the Crisis Management Team
  • Implemented a frequent hand washing and hygiene protocol
  • Established a companywide scheduled communication protocol

In addition to the immediate changes in employee interaction, all business functions were placed on a Crisis Management Plan to ensure seamless operations through the duration of this event. All Kodiak business functions and departments are fully operational and staffed. Should the need arise, we have predeveloped plans in place to make the necessary staff adjustments and relocations with backup personnel to safely and seamlessly maintain customer equipment and administrative functions. Under our current pandemic response plan, customers will be advised of any material changes of the status in Kodiak’s field or support operations

Kodiak’s Health, Safety and Environmental Department remains unchanged and at no time will Kodiak waver or compromise on the health and safety of our employees or customers.

During this challenging time, proactive two-way communications is critical. If at any time questions arise as to Kodiak’s current status or additional steps we may be taking, please feel free to contact the Kodiak Crisis Management Team at;