Kodiak’s differentiated service offering, industry-leading mechanical availability and total customer uptime maximizes production and cash flow for our customers.

Kodiak separates ourselves from rental compression by taking a partnership approach with all of our customers: 

  • Full-service contract compression services
  • 24 / 7 / 365 first call coverage, parts and maintenance
  • Industry-preferred packages
  • Fixed-fee based contracts
  • 98% mechanical availability guarantee that includes scheduled maintenance

Kodiak’s Monthly Gas Compression Services Charge includes:

  • Complete flange to flange responsibility of Kodiak’s equipment, reducing risk and overall capital investment
  • 1st callout on every unit (no charge or extra fees for non-compressor related callouts)
  • Installation and startup (no additional installation/startup charges)
  • All parts failures not a result of liquid carryover, contaminated gas, or bad fuel
  • All wear parts/daily consumables
  • All lube oil and antifreeze

Kodiak guarantees 98% mechanical availability on all units:

  • Satellite alarm system on all units that notifies the technician when the unit shuts down 
  • Kodiak’s downtime starts as soon as the unit shuts down, not when the Customer contacts Kodiak

As your needs change, Kodiak has the ability to upsize or downsize equipment at any time throughout the life of the contract to help achieve your new goals.


Pad drilling allows for midstream companies to create large networks of low-pressure gathering systems that require large compressor stations.

Compressor stations consist of one or more compressors that boost the pressure of gas coming from the location in order to move it to processing facilities.

From processing facilities, fractionated methane is transported to end markets including gas utility lines, industrial applications, and LNG plants.


With the rise of shale oil and the proliferation of hydraulic fracking, the need for compression in oil production has risen dramatically in recent years and is required immediately after the completion of a well in certain basins.

The proliferation of pad drilling, and the economies of scale (i.e., using a multi-stage, large-horsepower compressor versus several small horsepower compressors), has led to the growth of multi-well gas lift applications.

Multi-well gas lift has become the preferred method of artificial lift for many producers and is an integral part of producers’ drilling and completion plans, driving demand for larger HP solutions offered by Kodiak.

All the above has made gas-lift systems closer to the scale and scope of “traditional” midstream systems.

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As one of the fastest growing providers of contract compression services, Kodiak focuses on providing contract compression services to oil and gas producers and midstream customers throughout the United States



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